Donate Here

         To generally help the server with no return.

    To Buy the Game-Mode command

     Premium server rank

Donation Stats out of £100- button.php of the way to £100 to the next upgrade + Secret server event!
Why should you donate? – Heres a list of why

Its 100% Up to you if you decide to donate.

  • Better server hosting machinery
  • 75% Of it goes to pay for next months server payment
  • We can hire 24h support staff to help you when you need it
  • Open more servers
  • More free items to be won!
  • Easier website interface that suits you

So we seriously hope you consider making a generous donation to us here. Also remember when you donate you will get a free donator rank with free game-mode for 1 month with a free 24/7 room in the HolcombesHost Hotel (IG)

If you have anymore questions about donating please contact with your question but MAKE SURE YOU USE THIS CODE IN YOUR EMAIL FOR IT TO THE RIGHT CATEGORY- Anything in the wrong category will not be answered — CODE: fgqqebxv 

Make sure you use it in your email anywhere in the email.

If you are unsure about donating click the logo below to view all terms and conditions about donating to holcombeshost


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