Update #1

So hey all. Im going to try and do one of these updates every few days. Im just going to list below whats going on.

1) I would really like to thank everyone for been so good with the new map and not moaning once! Its a new start for everyone and in some ways it could be really good for the server.

2) Im in the process now at 5:24pm GMT+0 of transferring our IP address over. This is for a few reasons —>Get to post again on all minecraft host websites to get more people on and I’m also transferring to an 8gb RAM server so there will be no lag and 100% uptime now!

3) New website layout! Hope you all like it. Its nice and easy to navigate around the website now!

4) Theres now an easy way to get help on the server! Its called a ticket. A ticket = a question to an admin/owner. Just go to the home page and at the top you will see submit a ticket. Click that then ask away! You will have a reply within 24h but normally 1h!



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