Support Tickets

Hey guys.
So from now on this website is only to check how the sever is going and for updates.
From now on someone comments to ask a question it will be deleted and will NOT be replyd to.
This is due to us now having a new support ticket system.
A support ticket system is basically a place where you go to ask me questions directly and you will normally get a reply within 1h but on some terms it can take up to 24 hours.
Here’s the website
I would also like to add that this is costing these the money so use it as much as you can!!!


Feed the beast

Guys big news!

The server is closing from Tekkit to Feed the beast!

So what your going to have to do now is go to and download the newest Feed The Beast!

Then open it up and go to Direwolf20

Go on and launch it!


So today i had to do some thinking about how the server is going down hill. So i was contemplating making a new map but hows that going to stop greifers? So here’s a vote on what should happen!
Let me just say to you guys who don’t know what “Feed The Beast” is go check it out now here —> Feed the beast<—
I personally think its 10x better than tekkit because it has all the same mods + more and its always updated to  the most recent version of minecraft so at the moment its on 1.4.7 and tekkit is only on 1.2.5.
But its up to all of you!


Finishing vote = Get Feed The Beast

Server Down

Hey everyone i know the server is down.

Theres a few resons for this.

1) RAM is been upgraded.

2) Server location is been moved to LA

3) Updating mumble client

4) Paying bill for the next month

5) Updating plugins


The server should be back up shortly and when it is up it should be less laggy and all plugins will be updated.

What should i do?

Its not donating anymore!

So i have spent a good majority of my afternoon working on the donations page of this website.
So its all changed! , A lot!

You can donate and help the server out and receive nothing in return.

You can now buy gamemode by clicking the Buy Now button with Buy gamemode next to it. (up to 24h to receive game mode)

And last you can now subscribe $5 a month to get the premium member rank that includes alot of new commands. (Coming to the server soon)

+ Extra info.
Another new rank will be coming soon – VIP
VIP will have loads of commands and will cost $12.50 per month.