Server Manager

We now have a new server manager along with us. His name is Nick Benoit. When you send an email to the reply you get will normally be from him depending on the hours of the day.

He will now process all you requests and paymants.



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Easy To Donate

We have made it extremly easy for you all to donate now!

So you can either click below or go to the Donate Here tab at the top.

This is your choice and you can donate $0.01 – $5000 … i wish :p

Thats how easy it is now!

So please donate to keep the server running and to keep it improving e.g. more RAM more Slots and a better CPU
All your going to need is a PayPal account!

HolcomesHost is hosted off a fragnet server! i highly reccomend them and i have a link for you to get a small % off it. Link –               If you do ever get started with fragnet please use that link (Valid untill December 1st 2015)

I would just like to give all HolcombesHost users a quick idea of what the server is hosted off. *Note Its not hosted off all of these its hosted off one and inside the big machines there are 25 smaller flat pc’s* You can see how big these machines actually are with the person standing inside the main room in the picture.Server-room6

This is what we pay for and this is why we get the quality we need from fragnet!

Some extra info about fragnet –

Free McMyAdmin web panel

Unlimited slots


Amazing servers

24/7 Live support

Free Group pay